Be optimistic. Think positive. You can. The phrases that give you the confidence and a gut feeling to fight cancer. Sorry, you are affected by cancer. A test result that breaks your heart in pieces, many pieces. You started to stutter.

Be optimistic. Think positive. You can. The phrases that give you the confidence and a gut feeling to fight cancer.

A Heartbreaking News

Sorry, you are affected by cancer. A test result that breaks your heart in pieces, many pieces. You started to stutter. Your heart began to beat more than usual.

The way you wish to lead your life began to dissipate. Overthinking and pessimistic make their way to sneak into your heart and mind.

The fight between you vs cancer will be legendary. The rivalry you never wish to battle. If there is a will, there is a way.

Thoughts and Wishes

Depression and anxiety start to cloud your mind. You feel hopeless.

You start to feel you are going to miss your loved ones. You believe your timer is ON. You feel like your days are being counted.

You wish you could have many more days to enjoy your life. You wish to spend most of your time with your dears.

Wait a minute! Negative thoughts and vibes? Please stop.

“Cancer Survival”, a journey of emotion

Your mindset telepath to your health condition. It all starts with your thoughts and mindset. Willpower is the biggest unsaid medication to find a cure. Control your body and emotions, before it controls you. Miracles do happen if you are filled with positivity. Say it loud, “I can beat Cancer”.

A Story That Gives You Hope

I would like to share some of my experiences when I was sharing the space with a stranger in the waiting hall at a cancer centre. Sitting next to me was a 10-year-old boy. He was a cancer victim. After a few minutes, a doctor came by and started having a conversation with the kid.

He taught a kid with a beautiful note. The question asked by the doctor goes like this “What do you say to cancer?”.

The kid replied “Not Today”. Days and months passed, and I met a person whom I thought I never would.

Yes! It was the same kid, smiling happily. Later then, I came to know that he had survived Cancer.

If the kid can, why can’t you?

Not Today

The phrase “not today” gives a will power to fight against cancer. It just postpones your unfavourable ideas. Your ignorance of the disease is a different approach to fighting it. Every word you think, speak, and process matters.

Control Your Emotions

Feeling depressed about the things that you have no control is unnecessary. Likewise, what you can control is your thought process. It does make sense to you.

You may be like “I got a few days left, what else do you expect me to do?”.

Think, do and stay positive 24/7.

My friend, you have great control over your mindset. It is how you streamline your thoughts.


If you are a cancer victim, master the art of “ignorance”. It is a must needed characteristic during your fight against cancer and the associated thoughts.

During your treatment, you tried harder and put in maximum effort to stay strong. There are times you took off your hand from your positive thoughts.

Everyone does.

But, when? It is the known people and strangers around you that might make you weaker.

The way they talk to you, the conversation you make with them, the sympathies you hear, and the gossip they murmur in your ears about the efficacy of the treatment you undergo going to influence you.

The therapy I suggest to you is very simple. Just ignore them and the environment you are surrounded by.

If you feel they tend to seed negativity in you, never create a chance of meeting those pessimistic people again.

Little Things Count!

It is not a reference to the days, but to the hobbies and habits, you regularize in day-to-day living. Staying positive doesn’t work out just by the way you think.

At first, consume positive thoughts. How? Read books that talked greatly about optimism and how to be optimistic in situations where you can’t.

Books give you the best companionship in your hard time. The positive words you consume give you the energy and confidence to beat your “I can’t” kind of feelings.

Spread positivity. Get your vibe on the “I Will, I Can”.

Power of the Subconscious Mind

Have you heard about the power of your subconscious mind? If not, you’re going to come across the most valuable practice that going to help you.

Create a scenario that is going to happen in future. Just imagine, you are undergoing your diagnosis.

Your doctor said that you are improvising. Now the growth of cancer cells is in control, you are eligible to take further treatment, and finally, you recovered from cancer disease. You started enjoying your future days with the routine you love most.

Wow! Screenplay your positive thoughts post-treatment that you wish. This is going to work out.


Congratulations! You won the battle against cancer. You’re free and you beat fate with your positive thoughts. You got many fruitful years to relish with your dears. Say goodbye to cancer. Say it loud and clear “ I can beat cancer and I’ll survive with happiness”. If you’re ought to be a cancer victim and you’re looking for the best doctors, GKNM Hospital is incorporated with state-of-the-art facilities to treat your cancer. Let’s fight together.