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Cardiothoracic Surgery Overview

The department of Cardiothoracic Surgery is a core competence unit of the G Kuppuswamy Naidu Memorial Hospital. The department was started in 1974 and has a 46-year record of serving the society in and around Coimbatore and the southern part of Tamilnadu and Kerala. It is a tertiary referral centre and has performed more than 30,000 open heart procedures till date by the best Cardiothoracic Surgeons. The Cardiothoracic Surgery centre in our multispeciality hospital is equipped to handle the entire spectrum of problems pertaining to cardiac surgery right from complex surgery in the newborn to advanced heart failure treatment like heart transplantation.


The centre is equipped with the state of the art infrastructure and technology and has its vision to provide quality cardiac surgical care and Bypass Surgery at an affordable price. It specialises in areas like valve repair, aortic surgery, complex paediatric cardiac surgery and surgery for heart failure and transplantation. The centre is recognised by the National Board for training in the six year post graduate course in Cardiothoracic Surgery and it is one of the sought after programs in the country. Apart from doing cardiac procedures this is one of the comprehensive Cardiothoracic surgical unit which performs thoracic procedures including video assisted thoracic surgery and vascular procedures including endovascular procedures like stenting of complex aortic aneurysms. The open heart bypass surgery centre adopts a unique heart team approach for the best care to the patient and hybrid surgeries including complex aortic surgeries are performed routinely. Our cardiologists have a huge experience in most cardiac surgical procedures and has also started performing percutaneous transaortic valve replacement also called as TAVR. Training and skill development is given due importance and the cardiothoracic surgery centre is focussing on minimally invasive cardiac surgery and surgery for heart failure as its core FOCUS apart from valve repair and aortic surgery.

Currently over the last four years, our cardiology hospital has been performing more than 1500 open heart procedures every year with comparable results to the best heart hospital in the world and the centre is also doing minimally invasive procedures. Veins and radial artery used as conduits for bypass are being taken out by endoscopic techniques so there are no more cuts in the legs. The department has been organising live workshops for over 20 years now and which is considered as a bench mark and the best meeting in the country. To adopt current good practises quality improvement initiatives have been forerunner of this department and the centre has also been part of many international multi centric trials including the Coronary trial, the BASE trial, the STITCH trial and the SIRS trial.

Quality has been our vision and mission and our outcomes and result are benchmarked to the best in the world(STS Database). The centre has extensive experience in common cardiac surgical procedures like coronary artery bypass surgery where beating heart offpump surgeries are routinely performed and also reparative techniques and re-constructive techniques of the valve like mitral valve repair. To put it in a nutshell it is a one stop shop/solution for patients with any cardiac surgical ailment to get the best quality care at an affordable price with assured outcomes.


Treatment & Procedures

The department can handle all types of complex and simple cardiac procedures right from new born to the elderly. The paediatric cardiac surgical unit performs all procedures including complex surgeries like arterial switch operations right from newborn till 18 years of age. The adult cardiac unit performs procedures like coronary artery bypass surgery including beating heart surgery, arterial grafts and endoscopic vein and radial artery harvesting. The unit is a centre of excellence in valve repair and aortic surgery. The department is equipped with the state of art facilities to handle all complex problems.

Beating heart CABG (OPCAB)

Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery, this is the commonest performed cardiac surgical procedure constitutes 60-70% of the Adult Cardiac Work. We do about 1000 CABG per year and has done more than 16000 cases in this department. CABG is done for blocks in the heart and is lifesaving. Our results in Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery are one of the best in the world compared to the best centres like Cleveland clinic and STS database. We have a mortality of close to 1% as against the world’s standard of 1.8%. We are a centre of excellence in CABG Surgery and have participated in multiple studies and trials on this procedure.

Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery is done by two techniques:

  • Beating heart off pump surgery – constitutes 70-80% of our work, usage of arterial grafts are also supposed to be beneficial and we routinely do mammary arteries and radial arteries as conduits. To facilitate better patient compliance and also less pain we harvest these veins and radial arteries by Endoscopic technique and Endovascular harvesting of veins and radial arteries is a standard of care. Beating heart surgery or Offpump CABG surgery helps the patient to recover faster and also reduce the need of blood transfusions.
  • We also do minimal access coronary artery bypass surgery when in selected patients through a small incisions on the left side of the chest.
Paediatric Heart Surgery

The pediatric cardiac surgical service of our department is a centre of excellence on its own and performs all types of complex pediatric procedures right from the new born till 18 years of age and it also performs complex adult congenital heart disease corrections as well. Newborn children needing emergency acute cardiac surgical corrections have excellent results and the data of our pediatric cardiac service is analysed by the IQVIC, the International Quality Control Council and we are benchmarked as one of the centres of excellence in terms of outcomes in India. Our pediatric centre is linked to Children Heart Link of USA and has a collaboration with Mayo Clinic.

Hybrid Aortic Surgery

We are a centre of excellence in Aortic Surgery and we do all complex aortic procedures including Bentall operations, Valve sparing root operations, treatment of aneurysms of the aorta involving the ascending, arch and descending and hybrid endovascular techniques and endovascular treatment of aneurysms. Acute aortic dissection is a surgical emergency which needs to be attended immediately which carries a very high mortality if untreated and in our centre we have very good results with this procedure. We are one of the top 10 centres in the country performing all types of aortic complex surgeries with excellent results.

Mechanical Circulatory support
  • IABP
  • ECMO
  • LVAD
Quality Assurance
  • 3D TEE
  • TTF
Valve Repair Centre


The department of Cardiac Surgery in GKNM Hospital has been known for reparative valve surgery since 1990’s and have long experience in this procedure. Repair of valves is better than replacement as natural valves do not need blood thinners for long term treatment. Many patients in Indian population are young and are benefited by repair surgery. We are a centre of excellence and we have experience of doing more than 1000 cases in valve repair and we repair mitrals,aortic and tricuspid valves. The pediatric surgical service also repairs many types of valves with congenital abnormalities. To prove that we are a centre of excellence we have conducted workshops on valve repair for 4 years involving the best valve repair surgeons in the world.

Heart Team & Quality Assurance

The Cardiac Surgery service in GKNM has always been strongly of the opinion and is convinced that patient care will be the best only with the team approach. So we have evolved over years a heart team concept which is been newly spoken in the west, but we have had this concept for the last three decades as the communication and interaction between our cardiology colleagues and our department is extremely cordial. We discuss every patient and offer what is best for him/her depending on the disease and general condition. The department and the centre has focused on its mission and vision to give quality patient care at an affordable price. Quality assurance is one of our foremost motto’s and this is established by the fact that every patient who leaves the OR is made sure that his/her surgical correction is 100% correct. For congenital and structural heart disease we do this with a Transesophageal echo and at the end of the procedure we make sure that the correction that has been done is perfect. Also for CABG we have acquired an new equipment called transit time flow measurement which indicates that the grafts that are done are flowing well.


Team of Doctors

Dr.P. Chandrasekar

MBBS, MS(surg), DNB( Surg),DNB( CTVS), MBA(HM)

Chairman Department Cardiothoracic
Surgery & Director Cardiac Transplant

Dr.M. Venkatadevanathan


Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgery

Dr. Madhava Rao


Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgery

Dr.R. Vijayakumar


Director-Centre for Paediatric Congentital Heart Disease


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    Mrs. Geetha Mohan, Coimbatore
    Cancer Surviver
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    Mrs. Geetha Mohan, Coimbatore
    Cancer Surviver
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