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International Women’s Day

On March 8th, the International Women’s Day was celebrated in GKNMH by conducting games and competitions with all the women staff participating eagerly. The celebrations culminated on March 11, 2023, with various programs, with the occasion graced by Mr. S. Senthil Valavan, Director of Coimbatore International Airport as the chief guest.

Advance Healthcare India April 2023

We are happy to participate in the Advantage Healthcare India (AHCI) Event under the theme “One Earth – One Health” as a part of focusing the medical value travel industry attracting thought leaders from across the country and around the world.

Cahocon 2023

GKNM Hospital has been awarded First Place under the Large Healthcare Organization Category for the South Region at the 7th International Conference of the Consortium of Accredited Healthcare Organizations


The day Robert Koch discovered the TB Bacill in 1882. The day he thought tuberculosis would be eradicated, but it still exists after nearly 150 years.

20th Annual Live Workshop liveSurge

We have conducted the 20th Annual Live Workshop “liveSurge” under the theme : Ventricular Inflow and Outflow. The event was inclusive of live demonstration of cases, videos and discussions that helped the attendees with the knowledge, understanding and techniques. Here is a walkthrough of the workshop.

“The Month of Torture” – Exam Anxiety

I was considered very lucky by my classmates as my birthday fell in the month of April, the month where all students were at their happiest as exams were over and vacations would begin.

World Birth Defect Day

Fetal medicine is a sub-specialty of obstetrics to diagnose and treat problems of the fetus (baby in womb).
All pregnant mothers have regular consultations with an obstetrician.

How thyroid influences your fertility

Congratulations! You are about to become a mother. This will be the happiest news and statement, most women wish to hear from their doctors. In today’s world, this is not the same case.

Children’s Day celebration for Little Warriors

A one-day engagement event was organized by the VNCC team to celebrate the Children’s Day at GKD auditorium, GKNM Hospital for the children with blood cancer. The event consisted of a Story Telling Session and Magic show and also gifts were distributed to the little warriors.

First Edition of Spandan 2023 – Live Workshop on Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement

Another feather to the crown. We have proudly conducted the First Edition of SPANDAN 2023 conference that focussed on the Transcathether Aortic Valve replacement basics. A numerous engaging and informative live demonstrations with National and International Faculty were conducted too. The event was preceded by Dr.Rajpal K Abhaichand, the Chairman Cardiology, GKNM Hospital and Dr.Peter Andreka, Cardiologist from Budapest.

Aaradhana 2022– Super Singer Event

GKNM Hospital Fine Arts Club organized Aaradhana Super Singer Competition for GKNMH staff at Mani Hr. Sec. School Auditorium in Coimbatore. More than 60 staff actively participated, and the winners were honoured with a trophy.

Free Breast Screening Camp for Women

Free Breast Screening Camp for women – was organized on October 18, 19 & 20 at C block, Sangamam Hall, VNCC, GKNM Hospital. Totally 34 Women were screened and VNCC counsellors team educated them on-breast self-examination. Dr. Latha, Gynae-Onco surgeon gave awareness talk in St. Joseph’s, a private school in Coimbatore, to the girl children and staff. Dr. Anand Narayanan, Chief Radiation Oncologist participated in a virtual conference organized by Wipro IT Company from Coimbatore which was attended virtually by around 80 of their employees. As a part of the awareness campaign, pink colour ribbons were distributed to all staff and attenders at C, A & D block entrance of GKNM Hospital. All staff of GKNMH were dressed in pink to show their support for elimination of breast cancer.

Life After A Heart Attack – Dos and Don’ts

Surviving a heart attack is a new phase of life. You heard it right. A heart attack can turn your life to an extreme you haven’t even imagined. You lead a life full of caution and medicationsfrom day to night.


Be optimistic. Think positive. You can. The phrases that give you the confidence and a gut feeling to fight cancer. Sorry, you are affected by cancer. A test result that breaks your heart in pieces, many pieces. You started to stutter.

Stall Activity at Coimbatore Marathon Pre – Expo (Codissia hall)

A glimpse of our participation in Coimbatore Marathon Pre – Expo 2022 as a Wellness Partner. Our team of physiotherapists were focused on conducting physical fitness activity & mind games to evaluate physical and mental strength. The marathon, conducted every year, was emphasized on its support for the noble cause.

World Stroke Day, 29th October

World Stroke Day is observed on 29th October of every year. Neuro Consultants Dr. G. Gnana Shanmugam, Dr. K. Aruna Devi and Neurosurgeon Dr. M.R. Bala Senthilkumaran of GKNM hospital have addressed the GKNM Nursing students, Nurses, Physician assistants and Technicians on the “Symptoms, Risk factors, Preventive measures and treatment options of Stroke”. And they explained the importance of time and immediate action plans in the diagnosis and treatment of Stroke patients once they reach GKNM Hospital.

Diabetic Camp at GKNM Hospital, Nov 14 2022

It is our duty to create awareness of Diabetes in society. To spread the word on World Diabetes Day, GKNM Hospital Institute of Nursing organized the Diabetes Camp at our hospital on Nov 14, 2022. Our nursing practitioners educated the visitors on the food diet, and prevention measures to stabilize blood sugar levels.

Paediatric Diabetic Camp on Nov 13, 2022

On the occasion of World Diabetes Day, we organized a special camp on Paediatric Diabetes on 13 Nov 2022 at GKD Auditorium. We appreciate the participants for their engagement throughout the session. Our practitioners encouraged the participants to stay aware of diabetes through free checkups, followed by group counselling, and doctor consultations.

National Organ Donation Day Event December 27,2022

Donating organs is the finest of all! With the support of Coimbatoreans, this wouldn’t have been possible #proudcoimbatorean.GKNM is proud to be a part of this special day of all times.

April to June 2022

G. Kuppuswamy Naidu Memorial Hospital has been recognized as one of the Best Multi-Specialty Hospital in South India(Ranked 12th)

World Breastfeeding Week

Humans have been successfully breastfeeding for thousands of years; however, it does look like a lot of mothers are struggling to meet their breastfeeding goals in recent times. Why is it so difficult for women now given the fact that breastfeeding is threaded in our culture!

Memorial Hospital

A Medical Legacy of Trust, Value and Reputation

Experiencing a medical service with care and humane is hard to find these days. Where G. Kuppuswamy Naidu Memorial Hospital is the odd man out in the health care industry.

You can beat Cancer – Cancer Awareness

“Cancer” is a word that redefines your physical and mental health. Every individual undergoes a great pain that makes them stumbled when they fell sick due to cancer.

I Love My Heart

Taking care of your heart is the best ever thing you can do for yourself. Yes! Definitely, it is. Many of us would have come across the common phrase “Heart/Cardio Surgery”.

Project Pink launched on World Cancer Day

Project Pink

We, GKNM Multispeciality Hospital, launched a project “Project Pink” on World Cancer Day (February 4, 2021) with the intention of improving awareness among women about Breast Cancer by conducting awareness programs/classes including a demonstration on self-breast examination among the women staff of our hospital.

Indian Medical Association

Indian Medical Association

The Indian Medical Association, Coimbatore has appreciated and felicitated all the front line warriors of GKNM Hospital including doctors, staff nurses, ward attenders, drivers, and housekeeping staff. Kudos to our heroes!!

GKNM Hospital Participated - Medicare Health Expo 2020

Medicare Health Expo 2020

GKNM Hospital participated in the Medicare Health Expo 2020 organized by the Government of Sri Lanka in the Month of March 2020 to mark our arrival in the global market. It was a three-day conference and exhibition, where GKNM Hospital had put up a stall mainly focusing on Paediatric and Cardiothoracic Surgery. Dr. Vijayakumar, specialist in Paediatric Congenital Heart Diseases, who was a part of the team from GKNM Hospital, met a lot of walk-in patients and provided necessary information and counseling and our expert counselors were present to explain to the visitors inquiring about our hospital services and specialities. The event opened the world arena to us and we got a chance to meet and interact with other international players in the field of medical tourism.


Lets eliminate cervical cancer

GKNM Hospital celebrates the launch of WHO’s Global Strategy to Accelerate the Elimination of Cervical Cancer. Launched the one-week awareness campaign as a part of a global initiative.

nurses day

Nurses Day Celebration May 12,2020

The frontline heroes working incessantly to save lives — the most celebrated in the recent times — Nurses. A day specially dedicated to them — The Nurses’ Day was celebrated at GKNMH on May 12, 2020


April to June 2020

The viral storm has indeed changed the world and we are no exception. The daily reports are depressing with increasing numbers of affected patients.


Jan to March 2021

The Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery at GKNM Hospital performed its third Heart transplant on the 26th of March 2021 under the challenging pandemic situation. The patient did well and was discharged on 15.04.2021.


Using anthrax to fight cancer effectively

A Safety programme on “NATIONAL DISASTER MANAGEMENT WORKSHOP” was conducted by the officials from Defence Academy on 19th April’2018.


July to Dec 2020

The Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery at GKNM Hospital performed its third Heart transplant on the 26th of March 2021 under the challenging pandemic situation. The patient did well and was discharged on 15.04.2021. This was the first transplant during the COVID pandemic in Coimbatore.