Medical Science

GKNM hospital has a rich tradition in medical education. Since 1990, we have trained more than 300 doctors in various postgraduate courses, carrying forward the institution’s legacy across various parts of India and abroad. We currently offer postgraduate courses in 17 NBEMS accredited specialty and 3 post doctoral fellowship courses, besides various diploma and certificate courses.

Admission for DNB, DrNB and NBEMS Diploma courses are done through NEET PG counseling. Candidates are advised to refer NBEMS information bulletin for course details, eligibility and course fee updates.

National Board of examinations in Medical Sciences (NBEMS) courses.

Broad specialty (DNB)

S.NoDepartmentNo. of seats
1DNB Anaesthesiology3 seats
2DNB General Medicine4 seats
3DNB General Surgery2 seats
4DNB Obstetrics & Gynaecology2 seats
5DNB Paediatrics3 seats
6DNB Radiation Oncology2 seats
7DNB Radio Diagnosis2 seats

Super specialty (DrNB)

S.NoDepartmentNo. of seats
1DrNB Cardiology4 seats
2DrNB Cardiothoracic Surgery2 seats (Direct 6 years course)
3DrNB Cardiac Anaesthesia2 seats
4DrNB Medical Oncology2 seats
5DrNB Neurology1 seat
6DrNB Nephrology1 seat
7DrNB Surgical Oncology1 seat
8DrNB Interventional Radiology1 seat

NBEMS Diploma Courses

S.NoDepartmentNo. of seats
1Diploma in ENT1 seat
2Diploma in TB & Chest Diseases1 seat

The Tamil Nadu Dr.MGR Medical University, Chennai courses

Post Doctoral Fellowship in

CourseNo. of seats per yearCourse DurationCourse Co-ordinatorContact email idContact No
Neonatal Intensive Care11 yearDr.R. Sowmya, Consultant, paed@gknmh.org0422-4305372

Society of Emergency Medicine India [SEMI], Bengaluru course

CourseNo. of seats per yearCourse DurationCourse Co-ordinatorContact email idContact No
Masters in Emergency Medicine (MEM)63 yearsDr.S.Saravanan, Department Chairman-Emergency, casualty@gknmh.org0422-4305436

Fellowship Courses

Fellowship in Paediatric Anaesthesiology from Indian Association of Paediatric Anaesthesiologists [IAPA], Bengaluru

CourseNo. of seats per yearCourse DurationCourse Co-ordinatorContact email idContact No
IAPA21 yearDr.B.Soundaravalli, Department, anaesthesia@gknmh.org0422-4305340

GKNM-Ethicon Fellowship in Cardiac Surgery [6 weeks] by Johnson & Johnson Medical Ethicon, Chennai

CourseCourse DurationCourse Co-ordinatorContact email idContact No
Cardiac Surgery6 weeksDr.P. Chandrasekar, Department Chairman-CT, ctuoffice@gknmh.org0422-4305481

Diploma & Certificate courses

Indian Diploma in Paediatric Critical Care Medicine by IAP Intensive Care Chapter, Bengaluru

CourseNo. of seats per yearCourse DurationCourse Co-ordinatorContact email idContact No
Paediatric Critical Care Medicine21 yearDr.P.Ayyammal, Consultant Paediatric, paed@gknmh.org0422-4305372

Indian Diploma in Critical Care Medicine [IDCCM] from Indian College of Critical Care Medicine, Mumbai

S.NoCourseNo. of seats per yearCourse Duration
1IDCCM [For Doctors]21 year
2CTCCM [For Doctors]22 years
3ICDDN [For Nurses]11 year

Course Co-ordinator : Dr.G.Sathyamurthy, Department Chairman- MICU & CCU

Contact email id :,

Department Phone No 0422-430 5542

Common Teaching Program Schedule for DNB PGs

‘GKNM Hospital is committed to provide comprehensive academic and research training to all its Post Graduates and Fellowship Doctors.

An overview of academic programs are as follows :

11st WednesdayBasic Sciences
21st SaturdayInstitutional Journal Club
32nd WednesdayResearch Class
42nd SaturdayClinical Society Meeting
53rd WednesdayDEPT. Clinico Pathologic Conference
63rd SaturdayDEPT. Academic Programs Like Symposia, Debates, etc.
74th WednesdayResearch Class
84th SaturdayMedical Audit
Other Facilities

GKNM Hospital has an Inhouse Research Department to facilitate research protocol writing, thesis writing and statistical analysis. It assists Scientific Research Committee and Institutional Ethics Committee for approval of DNB Trainees’ Thesis Protocols before submitting to NBEMS.

For further details please contact :
Administrative Office,
D Block 2nd Floor,
G. Kuppuswamy Naidu Memorial Hospital,
Coimbatore – 641 037.
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