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  • Marie France & Wilhelm
    Zimbabwe Oncology
  • Mr. Munnusamy
    Ilakkiyampatti, Dharmapuri District Cardilogy
  • Mr. Muni Prashanth Kumar
    Therapanth Dharam Sangh CARDIOTHORACIC SURGERY
  • Mrs. Geetha Mohan
    Sundapalyam, Coimbatore ONCOLOGY
  • Mr. Radhakrisnan
    Sai baba Colony, Coimbatore Nephrology / Urology
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    Dr X and his team who took over from the primary consultant, and with prompt regularity monitored my mother and supported me through, was indeed remarkable, giving the family a buffer to fall upon! With all uncertainities and new challenges thrown by my mother almost every 15 days, we the family stood confident because of the fall back we could have any time, any day with GKNM”…..“While I do also see the realities of the hospital and/or a unit of the hospital system which is almost on an auto mode, its about time GKNM, which seems to be reigning and leading in all parameters as on today -especially the satisfaction level of families and patients, escalates to an altogether more professional level using the interdisciplinary and wellness models. Wishing and blessing the HomeCare Team and GKNM team to take off towards a more healthy Coimbatore!”

    Patients Daughter
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    Over the last few months, doctors and the home care nurses led by Ms.X have been an immense source of support for us. They have guided us on the symptoms to expect and the protocol of actions to take. They have made periodic home visits to support us and have always been available on phone for guidance or to liaise with primary consultant”….” As a result, we have been able to take care of my mother at home without forcing her into more hospital visits. She is now even stronger and less sickly than she was when she last returned from hospital!

    Relatives of Chronic Heart Disease Patient
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    Treated for post herpetic neuralgia and chronic low back pain We thank the entire team management, more so the doctor for your concern and treatment of my dad. The treatment went as well and the pain has subsided. We say thank you so much for the treatment.

    Mr. John Kurgat from Kenya
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