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Nursing is a dynamic and a pivotal health care profession.

Nurses are the front line health care providers, who practice in all healthcare settings and constitute the largest number of professionals. The health care system of the new millennium has become complex and advanced, in technology. So the nurses need to update their knowledge and skills, to revolve accordingly without diminishing the holistic care. Our Hospital has committed to save a 645 lives at a time. The Department of Nursing Services strives to bring up the nurses to the optimum level of achievement to reach the pinnacle.


We are very proud to work at the 1st NABH Accredited Hospital in South India in the year 2009.

The department of nursing services aims to function, along with the Vision of the GKNM Hospital and prepare the nurses to provide a comprehensive and high quality patient care services

All Nurses should adhere to the mission to

  • Care with compassion.
  • Have a sound professional knowledge & skill.
  • Technically competent and Em-pathetically caring.
  • Possess a good communication & observation skill and vibrant in the field.
  • Be a good Team player.

The scope of nursing practice at GKNMH is centered on the range of roles, functions, responsibilities, and activities which registered nurses are educated and authorized to perform.

Message from Chief Nursing Officer Desk

“Save one Life, you’re a Hero, Save a hundred lives, you’re a Nurse”
we have come across this quote many times….

Truly – We MEAN it!!.



Nurses are considered the most irreplaceable sources of a hospital, and, we from the GKNM family, growing at the branch of Nursing services, proudly voice out in providing the quality nursing care with compassion, empathy and utmost dedication.

Here we have the opportunity to heal mind, soul and body of our patients, their families and ourselves. We under estimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest accomplishment or a smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around., And our Nurses do those garnishes, to keep those turning points keep on jotting from the hospital premises in and out, transforming lives of many patients.

We can clearly tell and recommend to choose up GKNM Hospital, to work, serve and uplift one’s career as a Nurse, which will keep their experiences enchanted for decades together. We have opportunities to build up the career growth as well as professional quality development. ‘Knowing is not enough we APPLY’, is the baseline of our Nurses. “Willing is not enough, we must DO”, is the first step of our Nursing fraternity.

Best wishes to engrave the nursing services in an efficient way!!

Staff Patient Ratio In GKNM Hospital

Non Ventilator1:2

Special wards1:5
General wards1:6


Organizational Structure for Nursing Service - GKNMH

Departmental Activities

1. Professional Welfare
  • A well maintained Creche Facility for Female Employee’s Children (From 6 months baby to 4 years toddler).
  •  A well planned Master health check Up for our nurses on annual basis.
2.Administrative Activities
  • Policy making (NABH & Nursing Manuals).
  • Conducting and participating in the webinar(In-house & others).
3. Educational Activities
  • Bed side teaching
  • Preceptor-ship Classes.
  • Conducting Mock drills.
  • Clinical Presentation for Ward In-charges and Staff Nurses.
  • Journal club.
  • Workshops on DVT, Pressure Injury.
  • Simulation on BLS, ACLS, PALS, NALS & IV Cannulation.
  • Awareness Program (Breast self Examination).
  • One year IDCCN Course for 4 MICU Staff every year (by doctors & Nurses).
  • Administration Classes for Newly promoted ward in-charges.