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Medical Tourism

Making world-class healthcare accessible For people around the world
For us, humanity comes first
For us, humanity comes first

Welcome to GKNM Hospital. The one-stop destination for all your medical needs.

The dedicated International Patient Care Services at GKNM ensures that patients traveling from abroad have a hassle-free, comfortable medical journey with a satisfactory outcome. The team provides treatment estimates, arrange for accommodation, transport, money exchange, translation services, and also help the patients through the red tape. The team ensures that the patient and family can focus on recovery while GKNM takes care of the rest. The team engages with patients, doctors, other country medical experts to provide access to quality healthcare at affordable prices. They ensure you get the “feel at home”.

Services we provide

Medical Option & Visa Arrangements

GKNM Hospital has a team of doctors with vast experience and high qualifications in a wide range of medical specialities who provide medical opinions for international patients. Patients are provided with treatment options and are helped to obtain medical visa by providing adequate and required medical certificates. Providing detailed medical opinion and tele-consultation with our team of consultants before arrival. International patients seek our services in the following areas –placing their trust and healthcare in our hands –and we assure we deliver what we promise.
GKNM Patients Care
Hospital Enviroinments


Our services begin even before our patients arrive in our premises. Our team coordinates appointments with the appropriate specialists and assists the patient and his/her family and friends with visa invitation, letter arrangements for processing medical visa. Members from our team are on hand to meet the patient at the airport and escort him/her, safely and in comfort to our hospital. We also help in providing translation services on request and availability.

IPC coordinators

To ensure that patients and their families are comfortable for the duration of their treatment with us, our International Patient Care team assigns co-ordinators to each of patients. They will answer queries and provide assistance whenever needed.
IPC Coordinators
Patients Rooms

Patient Rooms

GKNM provides a wide choice of patient rooms to suit individual requirements; from well-furnished, world-class individual suites at the Platinum wing, state-of-the-art deluxe private rooms with all amenities such as unlimited wi-fi connections, a well-equipped kitchenette/pantry, a private space for attenders, waiting rooms, etc

International Cuisine

The Dietary Department at GKNM Hospital supervises the meals prepared and served to the patient/attenders. We offer healthy international cuisines that meet the patients' dietary requirements and also which suit their palates through our exclusive kitchen for international patients.
International Cuisine
International Television

International Television

The need for patients/attenders to keep updated with local and international news and events is well understood and our suites feature televisions broadcasting international channels.

Long Term Assistance

We ensure to maintain long-term communication with patients to ensure continuity of care and provide assistance to communicate with consultants.
Long Term Assistance
Registration Service

Registration Service

Copies of the medical records as well as a list of requirements can be e-mailed to us at mvt@gknmh.orgor submit the same on the enquiry page. This will enable our physicians to offer a second opinion as well as expedite the registration process.Please ensure that complete medical records are sent, preferably in English, including all relevant scans, x-rays, past history and test results during your enquiry to consultant for a clear picture of patient's condition and to provide exact treatment option from our consultants.


GKNM hospital is ranked among the best hospitals in India and provides world-class care at an affordable cost.Payments can be done either via cash (upto Rs. 2 lakhs only), online payment, credit card or Wire Transfer. We also facilitate money transfer option within the hospital premises.
Medical Insurance


A patient who wishes to avail insurance coverage needs to follow the following process to avail treatment at GKNM:
  • Contact our International care coordinator and enquire about using your insurance with GKNM Hospital.
  • Get the insurance form filled by your local doctor and send it to the care coordinator who will process your request through our insurance department.
  • In case of out-patient consultation or in-patient admission, we require pre-approvals from the insurance companies.

Check the following before you send

  • Copy of your passport and Visa.
  • A passport size photo (51mm X 51 mm).
  • A letter from the hospital you are currently being treated at
  • Any prior approval letter provided by the insurance company.

Documents Needed Before arrival

  • Previous Medical Reports.
  • Visa
  • Passport
  • Copy of the quotation and treatment plan provided by GKNM
  • Photographs (passport size)
  • In case of an organ transplant, above-mentioned documents are required by the donor as well.

Department of MVT

Quick recovery

We know that environment plays a significant role in the recovery process. Patients recover faster when they are comfortable and feel positive, hence we assist patients to travel around to various tourist locations in and around Coimbatore – the Queen of Hills - Ooty, Kodaikanal, Conoor, Attapadi, Anakatti, Valparai, Kotagiri, Topslip, Munnar, Silent Valley and many more – to get a feel of our tradition and heritage – places like Mysore, Thanjavur etc. depending on the patient's inclination.
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    Welcome to GKNM Hospital. The one-stop destination for all your medical needs.
    Procedure For Registration Of An International Patient As Inpatient
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    Procedure For Registration Of An International Patient As Outpatient
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    Documents required for submission for registration with FRRO
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    Information required & Procedure for Form C
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    Procedure for extension of medical visa of an international patient
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    Procedure for registration with the FRRO
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