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Nursing Informatics

Health Informatics(Medical, Nursing, Paramedic, Pharmacy…..) will be a core competency for all
health care professionals in 21st century.

Digitally transformed healthcare system includes a nursing workforce prepared to wield the Information, Communication and Technology(ICT), This will aid to achieve quality, cost-effective, patient centric outcome.

It is clear that all aspects of nursing care will be touched by information and technology revolution in process which is evident as we review literature about Nursing Informatics , Nurses as the center point of healthcare delivery, they need to be prepared and supported to gain knowledge & skills in the informatics field and aid nurses to survive in the ICT enabled digital health ecosystem. So GKNM Hospital as part of its Goal of transforming towards Digital Ecosystem thought of initiating a Nursing Informatics team which would systematize the functions of nurses and role clarity with technology.

Digital integration will further motivate nurses in performing their duties diligently which ultimately will impact in achieving better quality of care for the patients. This will also pave a way to get “Nursing Excellence” in the digitally transformed hospital.

GKNMH-Nursing Informatics Self Interested Team (GKNMH-NISIT)

Nursing informatics self- interested team of the GKNM hospital are a group of registered nurses who are willing to contribute their valuable time, knowledge and expertise with a vision to promote and develop Nursing Informatics within the organization.


Our Nursing Informatics self- interested team is a unit of nursing section functioning under the guidance of department of health Informatics, GKNM hospital. The team will act as bridge within the organization to share knowledge, skills and competencies with nurses about the nursing informatics practice and benefits of enhanced information and communication technology in nursing service and can foster training and education with standards of information and communication technology and informatics processes and events directly relevant to the nurse or midwife’s context of practice and appropriate to their scope of practice with the aim to deliver safe, effective, efficient and patient centered technology integrated nursing care to diverse populations in a variety of settings.

  • Ensure the provision of effective, efficient, patient- centric digital healthcare to patients, communities and populations.
  • Develop contextual standard operating procedures for key processes of using information and communication technologies and its tools (EMR) in accordance with ethical, legal, professional and regulatory standards and workplace policies in the delivery of quality nursing care.
  • Prepare guidelines to ensure how the informatics competencies used in the care of patients, communities and populations by nurses and midwives
  • Liaison with quality assurance cell of hospital and Information Communication and technology (ICT) department to measure the set informatics standards and health data security.
  • Conduct necessary educational training programs to integrate technology into nursing care practice.
  • Explore the scope of nursing informatics and its implication for health policies, programs and evidence based nursing practice, nursing management, nursing research and nursing education.
  • Promote linkages and collaborative activities with national and international nursing and health informatics groups and nursing and healthcare organizations globally.
  • Develop recommendations, guidelines, tools, courses and diverse cadres related to nursing informatics.
  • Encourage the publications and dissemination of research and development materials in the health and nursing informatics journals.
  • Conduct and organize regional, state, National and International workshops, webinars and conferences in the nursing informatics field
On-going training's to integrate technology into nursing care
1Basic Computers– MS Word, Excel and Power Point1 hourNovice NursesIT Department
2HIMS Module– Patient Demographics, ADT1 hourNovice NursesIT Department
3Laboratory Information Management System– View and print out of lab results.
Blood management system
1 hourNovice NursesIT Department
4EMR- View of PACS,1 hourNovice NursesIT Department
5IT Common Menu– Indent Module- Ordering medications and other items for patient care
Patient List, Medical Formulary, Permission and leave module, Master Investigations,
Previous visit care notes (DMR).Laundry management, CSSD, House keeping management, Diet management system, Infection control module, Medical records tracking system, Nursing reporting module, Narcotics management module, OT and Cath lab booking module, Calls register module(Maintenance), Special reporting module (communicable diseases, pressure ulcer, death reporting)
2 hoursNovice Nurses
Experienced Nurses
IT Department
6Browser– Continuing Nursing Education and In-house capacity building programs1 hourNovice Nurses
Experienced Nurses
IT Department
7Email– View and Send mail communications1 hourNovice NursesIT Department
8Pneumatic System– To manage Physician orders1 hourNovice NursesIT Department
9EMR Traaining2 hoursNovice Nurses & Experienced NursesIT Department
Prospective Approach
  • Evolve Nursing informatics Standards of Practice in India.
  • Develop Nursing informatics competencies list for Nurses in India.
  • Explore Nursing Care pathways and Nursing care Data sets.