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World Breastfeeding Week

Humans have been successfully breastfeeding for thousands of years; however, it does look like a lot of mothers are struggling to meet their breastfeeding goals in recent times. Why is it so difficult for women now given the fact that breastfeeding is threaded in our culture!
Memorial Hospital

A Medical Legacy of Trust, Value and Reputation

Experiencing a medical service with care and humane is hard to find these days. Where G. Kuppuswamy Naidu Memorial Hospital is the odd man out in the health care industry.

You can beat Cancer – Cancer Awareness

“Cancer” is a word that redefines your physical and mental health. Every individual undergoes a great pain that makes them stumbled when they fell sick due to cancer.

I Love My Heart

Taking care of your heart is the best ever thing you can do for yourself. Yes! Definitely, it is. Many of us would have come across the common phrase “Heart/Cardio Surgery”.

Using anthrax to fight cancer effectively

A Safety programme on “NATIONAL DISASTER MANAGEMENT WORKSHOP” was conducted by the officials from Defence Academy on 19th April’2018. Download PDF
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