IT Excellence

IT Excellence

We GKNM Hospital Information Technology have a history of more than 2 decades and GKNMH is one of the best IT enabled hospitals in the country. The legacy started with a team of 2 members and it has grown to the latest technology with 25 staffs in the row.


The Hospital Information System implemented throughout the hospital in the year 2003. All the non-medical and administrative areas like Front office Management, Finance Management, Billing, Cash Management, Purchase and Stores, Pharmacy Management, Equipment Maintenance System, Ward Management, Laboratory Information System, MIS reports and Medical records has been incorporated in that implementation.


The PACS installation in the year 2005 was one of the largest in Asia with connecting around 26 major medical equpipments. Presently we have more than 30 integrated Modalities connected across various departments, with a storage capacity of 48 Terabytes. Eg: MRI, CT Scan, Ultrasound, Echo, Gamma Camera, Angio, Endoscopy, Laparoscopy, C-Arm, Pathology Microscope.


Laboratory information system was one of the major in house developed software. The LIMS integrates laboratory process by handling the request from Hospital Information System and connecting the lab equipments by means of Interfacing. This enhanced the patient service by handing over the reports in a shortest time.


To provide medical information and services to the rural patients, a tie-up with ISRO Bangalore has been made in the year 2007. Our hospital is connected through telemedicine services with multiple hospitals.

Pneumatic Tube Transport System

Pneumatic Tube Transport System was installed through out the hospital in the year 2014. The system used to transport Blood Samples, Blood bags, Medicines, Records, etc., in a faster manner.


Teleconsultation is implemented during the COVID pandemic. The doctors can connect the patients who are at remote locations through mobile device (IPAD) and do the consultations. The software provided the facility to patients to use their own mobile devices for audio and video consultation.


We have introduced Electronic Medical Record (EMR) which a digital version of all the information you’d typically find in a paper chart: medical history, diagnoses, medications, immunization dates, allergies, lab results and doctor’s notes. This EMR provides online medical records of the patients in a standardized way by providing evidence based treatment. Comprehensive and accurate documentation of a patient’s medical history, tests, diagnosis and treatment in EMRs ensures appropriate care throughout the stay and beyond.

Few of the advantage of EMR for the patient are

  • Minimizing the error in medical records
  • Quicker assessment and care from medical professionals
  • Data and results are tracked over time
  • Improved and standardized health diagnosis, treatment and overall quality of care
  • Enhanced privacy and security of patient data
  • Reduction in patient errors and improved patient care
  • Enable evidence-based decisions at point of care
  • Follow-up information after a visit such as self-care instructions, reminders for other follow-up care, and links to web resources
  • Access to patient’s own records to view medications and keep up with lifestyle changes that have improved their health

GKNMH IT always takes the lead in bringing latest and advanced technologies for the benefit of the patients.

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