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Division of Molecular and Advanced diagnostics

Division of Molecular and Advanced diagnostics Overview

Our GKNMH offers a wide range of molecular diagnostic assays for viral, bacterial, fungal and parasite infections. We are continuing to develop a microbiology molecular diagnostic service that will provide a wide range of clinically relevant diagnostic assays exploiting the real time PCR platforms

The molecular diagnostic services are developed by senior clinical scientists and Doctors. Our routine assays are undertaken by Trained competent scientific staff. Within this unit there is an active programme in developing new molecular approaches to diagnosis and characterization of pathogens. Consultant microbiology staff have a leading role in establishing the clinical utility of the service.

  • Real Time RT-PCR test for HCV(Qualitative) NABL Approved
  • Real Time RT-PCR test for SARS- CoV-2 Covid 19 testing facility with NABL ICMR approved
  • CB-NAAT testing

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