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Maternity Services

Maternity Services
Pre Pregnancy Counselling
  • Routine prenatal care focussing on education and prevention.
Genetic Counselling
Antenatal Clinics
Multidisciplinary Team Support (Medical Disorders In Pregnacy)
  • Round the clock availability of qualified and trained Obstetricians, Pediatricians, Anesthetists and other multidisciplinary specialists for managing and providing excellent care for any types of high risk scenarios.
High Risk Obstetrics
  • High risk pregnancy care with multidisciplinary participation
Fetal Medicine – Ultrasound / Invasive Procedure
  • Fetal well being studies utilizing ultrasound, Doppler studies and electronic fetal heart monitoring to ensure the health of the fetus
  • Fetal growth monitoring studies by ultrasound and doppler for early detection of growth problems by using Intra uterine growth curves and facilities for care of growth retarded babies
  • Fetal medicine services are available for detailed fetal survey and counselling.
Perinatal Mental Health Assessment
Antenatal Classes
  • Education classes for breast feeding, nutrition and diet counselling sessions.
Antenatal & Postnatal Physiotherapy
  • physiotherapy counselling sessions to teach exercises for relief of common problems and to prepare the patient for child birth process
Labour Suites
  • Labour suite room facilities with an in room infrastructure for smooth labour experience with Husbands in labor room, if requested and when the situation permits.
  • One to one care to provide support and cope with labor.
  • Complete pain relief modalities during labor from Entonox inhalation agents to epidural anesthesia.
Contraceptive Services
Lactation Counseling

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