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Director for Research & Development – VNCC

Dr.M. Nagarajan


Doctor Schedule
Mon - Fri10am - 4pm
Work Experience

26 years experience

  • Tamil, English, Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi

Educational Qualification

  • MBBS Coimbatore Medical College
  • MD (RADIATION ONCOLOGY) .,Christian Medical College Hospital ,vellore
  • DNB(RADIATION ONCOLOGY) ., Christian Medical College Hospital ,vellore
  • UICC FELLOWSHIP - Christie Hospital,manchester,uk
  • UICC FELLOWSHIP – Sir Arthur James Hospital,ohio,usa
  • FELLOW – Observer Princess Margararett Hospial,toronto,canada
  • Fellow Department Of Radiation Oncology,royal Preston Hospital,,preston,uk

Awards & Achievements

  • President, AROI Tn Py Chapter.
  • ASCO Foundation International Development and Education Award (IDEA) 2003
  • Dr.Kalavathi Prize - Organising Secretary 17th State Annual AROI Conference.2001.

Clinical Expertise

  • Dosimetric evaluation and comparison between Volumetric modulated Arc therapy and Intensity modulated radition therapy plan in head and neck cancers.  Murugaiyan Nagarajan, Ramesh Banu , Balaraj sathya et al. Gulf Journal of Oncology 2020 ;33:45-50.
  • Short course Radiation for locally advanced Rectal cancer: an IAEA Randomised trial.. RosenblattE , Jones GW, Engineer R et al . International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics  2019  :105 (1),S107
  • A Retrospective Analysis of Double Malignancies in a Tertiary Care Hospital: A Case Series Murugaiyan Nagarajan, Ramesh Banu, Karuvandan Naveen, Athisyaraj Patrick Joshua. Journal of Case Reports 2019;9(2):87-91.
  • Myxopapillary Ependymoma  with  Drop Metastasis in a Young Child : Athisyaraj Patrick Joshua, Murugaiyan Nagarajan, Ramesh Banu .Journal of case Reports 2018 ;8(2):112-114.
  • Primary Laryngeal Amyloidoma:A Rare entity.Amarnath Raghavendra1, Nagarajan Murugaiyan1, Banu Ramesh1, Basha Mahfooz2. Journal of case Reports  2018;8(4):257-259.
  • Adult Pineoblastoma. Ramesh Banu, Murugaiyan Nagarajan, Arumugham Rajkumar. Journal of Case Reports 2019;9(4):208-210.
  • Complexity in the Management of Brainstem Gliomas:Our Experience.Murugaiyan Nagarajan, Athisayaraj Patrick Joshua, Ramesh Banu . Journal of Case Reports 2019;9(4):224-227
  • Prognostic Factors and Management of Squamous Cell Carcinoma of External Auditory Canal and Middle Ear – A Single Institutional Experience.  Ramesh Banu1 ,Vijayan Sindhuja2, Murugaiyan Nagarajan3*, Thangavel Sundaram4 .J Clinical Research and Reports 2020, Volume 3(2)-039 .
  • Primary Malignant Melanoma of Breast: A Rare Entity. VedaGiri Vydia Gautam1, Ramesh Banu1, Murugaiyan Nagarajan1, Pichamuthu Arul Raj. Journal of Case Reports 2020;10(1):38-41
  • Forward versus inverse planning in oropharygeal cancer: A comparitive study using physical and biological indices .Sundaram, Nagarajan M, Nagarajan V .Journal of Cancer reseach and therapeutics 01/2013: 9(3):422-429.
  • Influence of photon energy on the quality of prostate intensity radiation therapy plans based on analysis of physical indices. Thangavelu S , Jayakumar  et al. Journal of Medical Physics  2011; 36(1):29-34
  • Simple Fraction of HDR Brachytherapy for locally advanced Carcinoma Cervix in developing Countries.Nagarajan M.Cancer research and therapeutics 01/2008:4 Supplement issue 4
  • Dosimetric comparison between bone marrow sparing intensity-modulated radiation therapy & conventional techniques in the treatment of cervical cancer-a retrospective study.Thangavelu S ,Nagarajan M, Nagarajan V,  Jayakumar.Gulf journal of Oncology the 2013:1(13):30-41.
  • A prospective studyof various rgimens external radiation therapy and HDR bachytherapy in locally advance carcinoma cervix.Nagarajan M, Nagarajan V, Thulasi NR. Clinical Oncology 2005 23 (No:163 June I supplement): 5176- 178.
  • Radiation therapy in Carcinoma esophagus – A ten year experinece.Thulasi NR ,Nagarajan M, Nagarajan V, Balaji T. Indian Journal of Gastroenterology.2004
  • Low dose Rate Intraluminal Brachytherapy in 123 patients with Carcinoma Oesophagus-.Our 10 year experience. John, Geetha et al. international Journal of Cancer /2002
  • Inadvertent Hysterectomy for Carcinoma of the Cervix. Govindarajulu, Nagarajan V, Nagarajan M ,Thulasi NR International Journal of Cancer  2002;376-377.
  • 18.Retrospective study of Carcinoma Esophagus from 1996 to 2001 -The Scenario in south Indian Centre.  Journal of Clinical oncology 01/2007
  • A prospective randomised trial of the role of neo adjuvant chemotheraphy in locally advanced Carcinoma cervix with ciplatin or Bleomycin followed by radiatherapy International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics 2000
  • The role of radiation therapy in glamus tumours.Nagarajan M .Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics /2000
  • Carcinoma Prostate with penile metastasis . Acase Report. Geetha G, Nagarajan M, Nagarajan V, Thulasi NR. Indian Journal of cancer  2002:39(2) 73
  • Resource sparing short course Radiation Vs Long course Radiation to palliative  oeophageal cancer after brachytherapy n:A Report of  IAEA  Randomised Trail  E33027. Nagarajan M, Jones A, Frobe S et al. Radiotherapy and Oncology.2012:102 S10-S11.
  • Short course Radiotherapy  for locally advanced rectal cancer:an IAEA randomised trial. RosenblattE , Jones GW,et al. Radiotherapy and Oncology. 2015 :115 ,S95-96
  • Breast Conservation :A two year experience with HDR boost.Govindarajulu, Nagarajan V, Nagarajan M ,Thulasi NR .The breast supplement .2003 S34.
  • High dose rate brachytherapy in breast Conservation -a preliminary report . John SS, Geetha G,  Nagarajan M ,Thulasi NR.International journal of cancer .2002 :123-124.

Professional membership

  • Association Radiation Oncologists of India (1996) LM AROI
  • Indian Society of Oncology (1998) LM ISO
  • Indian Brachytherapy society (2004) LM IBS
  • Indian Breast cancer Society (2004) LM IBCS
  • Association Of UICC Fellows (1999) LM AUF UICC (Fellow of UICC – Life Member)
  • ASTRO (American Society Of Therapeutic Astro
    Radiology And Oncology)
  • American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) (2003,2007) ASCO
  • Member in the Global Cancer Control Community, (2007 – till date)
  • Life Member – Indo American Cancer association – IACA – ( 2008)
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