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Consultant Gynae – Oncosurgeon

Dr. Latha Balasubramani


Doctor Schedule
New OP Days
Tue, Thur & Fri8 am to 5 pm
Languages Known

Tamil, English, Hindi

Work Experience

31 years

Clinical Expertise

  • I have completed my subspeciality training in gynaecological oncology at Royal
    Marsden Hospital, London and have completed subspeciality accreditation in
    Gynaecological oncology.

Awards & Achievements

  • IPVC travel grant – 2023
  • Patricia McGregor Travel Fellowship – 2010
  • Sir Ernest Finch Memorial Award – 2008
  • BSCCP travelling Fellowship, UK – 2008, 2007

Research and Publications


  • Principal Investigator, GKNM Hospital, Serum Institute HPV Vaccine study.
  • Principal Investigator for Hospital Based cancer Registry Programme Co-
    ordinated by ICMR.
  • Principal Investigator cluster randomised study using HPV self sampling to
    increase cervical cancer screening coverage.


  • P Thasneem, Aishwarya Sudhagar, Latha Balasubramani et al. Out-reach
    Colposcopy Clinics and HPV Self-Sampling Decreases Loss to Follow up in a
    Community based Cervical Cancer Screening Programme. Asian Pacific
    Journal of Cancer Prevention.Vol 25. Feb 2024.
  • Rakhi Rai, Rohini Sehgal, Seema Singhal, Vanita Suri, Poonam Shivkumar,
    Latha Balasubramani et al. Cervical Cancer Screening Coverage at Tertiary
    Care Institutes Across India. Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention, Vol 24.
    Dec 2023.
  • Hitt Sharma, Sameer Parekh, Pramod Pujari, Latha Balasubramani et al.
    Immunogenicity and safety of a new quadrivalent HPV vaccine in girls and boys
    aged 9 -14 years versus an established quadrivalent HPV vaccine in women
    aged 15 – 26 years in India: a randomised, active-controlled, multicentre, phase
    2/3 trial. The Lancet Oncology. Published online November 2023.
  • A feasibility study of sentinel lymph node biopsy in endometrial cancer using
    sing Technicium 99m Nanocolloid.doi.org/ 10.1007/s13193-019-01020-6 Indian
    Journal Of Surgical Oncology. Dec 2019.
  • Surgery in endometrial cancer: An audit of quality across centers in India. Indian
    Journal of Gynecologic Oncology.Volume 17 Number 3 , September 2019.
  • The detection of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia by electrical impedance
    spectroscopy:The effects of acetic acid and tissue homogeneity. Gynaecologic
    Oncol. 2009 Nov; 115(2):267-71.

Professional membership

  • Secretary – AOGIN India
  • Association of Gynae – Oncologists of India
  • Indian Association Of Palliative Care.
  • Indian Society of colposcopy and cervical pathology.
  • International Papilloma Virus Society.