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Chidbhavanandha Rural Education & The Rural Health Centre – Veerapandi


G.Kuppuswamy Naidu Memorial Hospital had started a Rural Health Centre at the village Veerapandi, off Mettupalayam Road on 5 th May’1995. This rural health center was started to provide comprehensive health care for the villagers of Selvapuram, which is about 4 km off the main road and also to provide medical consultation and treatment for the surrounding villages. The trust had selected this place, because, inspite of being close to the city like Coimbatore, this village was totally isolated from civilization even without a road or bus service.

The centre's was started to provide the following medical services;

  • Regular treatment
  • Health education
  • Antenatal & Postnatal check ups
  • Immunisation
  • Maternal and child health care
  • Family welfare programmes
  • AIDS awareness
  • Nutrition programmes
  • Sanitation
  • Cancer screening programmes
  • Free eye camps
  • Free cardiac consultation
  • Diabetic Clinic
  • Physiotherapy
  • Dental Care
  • Tobacco cessation Clinic every week
  • Free eye & cardiac surgery for deserving patients
  • Pulse Polio Immunisation programme in co-ordination with nearby Primary Health centre
  • Health Education Programme
  • Health Camps
  • School Health Services
  • Pulse Polio Immunisation
  • Community Oncology
  • Selvapuram Sub – Centre
  • Lab services
  • Free services

Health Education Programme

The Center has initiated teaching programs for school children, parents, nursing mothers, volunteers & youth from the village, facts about nutrition, sanitation, immunization, hygiene, first aid, family planning methods etc., through the means of charts, placards, posters, lectures, workshops, discussions, film shows, songs, folk dances and dramas.

The rural center team members conduct competitions and distribute prizes to encourage them. Though health education is a hard task and time consuming, the Center felt the need to give more importance to health education. With proper health education most of the diseases are preventable. Based on facts practising preventive medicine is more economical than regular treatment. The Centre has also identified and extends healthcare to the surrounding villages which need basic medical facilities, health education, preventive medicine and a good referral system.

Health Camps

The following camps are organized on monthly basis to serve the community

Preventive Medicine

1. Diabetic awareness & detection Camps
Outpatients: Every Saturday Diabetic Outpatient clinic functions
2. Revised National Tuberculosis Control programme

Our centre is a designated microscopy centre for diagnosis of Tuberculosis

  • Case Holding for full course
  • Home visit wherever needed
  • TB awareness healthy education camps
  • House to house survey and sputum collection for Microscopic examinations

School Health Services

Pediatric General Medical Camp for Anganwadi and School children is organized with support from Paediatricians practicing in the surrounding areas.

  • Dental Check up and Dental Health education
  • Awareness on Tobacco abuse
  • Mass de-worming
  • Activities for school children

Pulse Polio Immunisation

In co-ordination with Mathampalayam Primary Health Centre, Pulse Polio Immunization is organized every year.

Community Oncology

Community Oncology was inaugurated at our centre on 24.6.2011 by the then Coimbatore Corporation Mayor Sri R. Venkatachalam.

Cancer screening camps are conducted for Head & Neck, Breast and Cervix every month in each ward of selected Panchayat by trained team members. The camps are organized in following process house to house survey, enumeration, awareness programs, motivation prior to screening camp. Through this rapport is developed with the community people. Their myths & misconceptions about cancer, its investigations and importance are educated to them. As a result they walk in to the camp voluntarily.

Clinical Breast examination, Visual inspection of the cervix with Acetic acid (VIA), Visual Inspection of Cervix with Lugol Iodine (VILI) is carried out by trained staff and doctors and further follow up for treatment is referred to GKNM Hospital at a concession rate or free of cost based on their economic status.

  • Colposcopy has been installed at our centre on 27th March’2015
  • Care HPV Analyzer was also installed at the centre on 10th July’2015

We provide medical treatment for the following old age homes

  • Zion Illam, Selvapuram with inmates of around 25 members
  • Anandham Old age Home, Press Colony with inmates of 30 members

Selvapuram Sub – Centre

Selvapuram, a nearby village with a population of about 5,000 is adopted and comprehensive health care is given to the village. We have a sub-centre at this village and the team visits every Tuesday Morning.

Regular outpatient process
  • Health check up
  • Consultation
  • Investigation
  • Treatment
  • Health education
  • Counselling
  • Review

The following investigations are done at the rural center

  • HB
  • RBC
  • TC
  • DC
  • ESR
  • Platelet Count
  • Sickle Cell Count
Clinical Pathology
  • Urine M.E.
  • Urine AFB
  • Pregnancy Test
  • Motion M.E.
  • Motion Occult Blood
  • Blood Sugar
  • Blood Urea
  • Serum Creatinine
  • Uric Acid
  • Serum Cholesterol
  • Serum Bilirubin
  • Gram stain
  • Sputum AFB
  • Skin Scraping For Fungus Test
  • A. Factor
  • HIV
  • Blood Widal
  • D.R.L
  • Computerised ECG
Free services provided as follows
  • Consultation and Review
  • Treatment
  • Basic investigations
  • Health education
  • Medicines
  • Preventive medicine
Other Free services offered
  • Physiotherapy – every Wednesday
  • Dental – 1st & 3rd Wednesday
  • Paediatric – every Wednesday
  • Tobacco Cessation Clinic – Every Wednesday
  • Free yoga class by both male and female instructor for diabetic and other patients every Saturday.
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