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Radiation Oncology

About Radiation Oncology

Radiotherapy is a major curative treatment modality and an integral part of cancer treatment. Nearly 60-70% of all cancer patients will require radiotherapy as a part of their treatment.


The specialists follow accepted standard guidelines in treating cancer patients as follows:

  • State-of-the-art Varian Trilogy Linear Accelerator for advanced external radiation treatments.
  • multichannel Nucletron microSelectron HDR brachytherapy for internal radiotherapy
  • Dedicated CT simulator.
  • The department utilizes latest & advanced radiotherapy techniques like RapidArc, IGRT/IMRT, SRS/SBRT, 3DCRT, Image guided brachytherapy which dramatically increases the safety of radiotherapy, reduces the side effects and improves control rates.

Medical Physics, an integral part of the department of Radiation Oncology comprises of a Chief Physicist / RSO and three Medical Physicists. Their primary work includes advanced radiation treatment planning for cancer patients, maintenance, quality assurance, commissioning and decommissioning of radiation equipments.

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