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Medical Oncology

About Medical Oncology

Medicines, in addition to radiation therapy and surgery are an integral part of the multidisciplinary care of cancer patients. They play a vital role in curing or controlling the disease.

The specialists follow accepted standard guidelines in treating cancer patients as follows:

  • With close to 2 decades of experience, the Medical Oncology department provides preventive,curative and palliative care for patients with cancer.
  • Diagnostic workup and treatment of adult and paediatric solid tumours.
  • Treatment of cancers with the latest drugs including chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, biologic therapy, molecular targeted therapy and immunotherapy.
  • Modes of administration include intramuscular,intravenous, subcutaneous, intra-thecal, intra-peritoneal chemotherapy.
  • Daycare chemotherapy for the convenience of patients.
  • A seperate Pediatric Oncology ward for children with cancer.
  • Specialised care for neutropenic patients.
  • Therapeutic procedures including pleural and ascitic fluid drainage, intravesical chemo/immunotherapy and intraperitoneal chemotherapy.
  • Well experienced in use of chemoports, central lines and peripheral lines.

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