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Taking care of your heart is the best ever thing you can do for yourself. Yes! Definitely, it is. Many of us would have come across the common phrase “Heart/Cardio Surgery”.

I Love My Heart

Taking care of your heart is the best ever thing you can do for yourself. Yes! Definitely, it is. Many of us would have come across the common phrase “Heart/Cardio Surgery”.

Why make yourself undergo to suffer from heart disease.

You’re the sole responsible for your heart health. Maintaining a healthy heart or the deteriorated heart depends on your choice.

We hope that you won’t take any risky decisions.

Why take unnecessary risks? Just follow a healthy diet and the best practices to keep your heart healthy 24/7.

Have you ever told, “I love my heart?” Yes or No. Ask yourself and keep the answer. If you ever loved your heart you will never ever have thought of deteriorating it.

Are you damaging your own self? Smoking and irregular food habitats can weaken your heart health. We are all aware that we have to put extra care to keep our hearts from disorders.

You’re the decision-maker.

So, take good decisions which in turn influence your mindset and so does your action.

Always remember to say “I Love My Heart” daily morning.

Just try this out and you will definitely experience a difference in your habit and feel relaxed from unnecessary heart tensions.


“Heart” is the main primary organ that helps you stay awake and alive. The heart is like an engine of an automobile and blood is like a fuel. A healthy heart makes the other organs of the human body function without any disorders.

The main function of the heart is to pump blood to other human organs. What happens when your heart stops pumping blood? The situation is very bad.

Countdown starts! Ignorance of early heart disorders will end up in counting the last hours instead of breathing the future years.

Cardiac Arrest Vs Heart Attack

Common people used to confuse the two terminologies as they both end up in similar heart health. Okay! We will clarify your doubt about Cardiac Arrest and Myocardial Infarction.

Cardiac Arrest is a heart malfunction which happens all of a sudden and the chances of regaining the proper heart function are very rare.

Heart Attack is the blockage that develops in the artery which leads to the stoppage of oxygen-rich blood to the heart.

Hope you now got a clear idea about the big difference between a heart attack and cardiac arrest. Depending on the heart disorder, the appropriate treatment is given to reviving the heart from failure.

Stay aware of the Pulse Rate

Do you think pulse rate is important to notice? If you ignore the drop in heart rate then you are progressing towards heart malfunction and an unhealthy heart.

You are advised to be very much aware of your heart rate as it indicates your heart condition.

Whenever you feel you are skipping a heartbeat, do not wait for a major indication. Kindly make a note of your pulse rate. The normal pulse rate of a human ranges from 60 to 100.

If your heart rate is below 60, make no mistake about consulting the doctor without making any delay.

Signs of an Unhealthier Heart

  • Chest Pain or experiencing discomfort in your chest
  • Feeling tired all day long, Fainting, Dizziness or Light Headed
  • Experiencing continuous pain in the left arm, neck, jaw or back.
  • Shortness of breath
  • Pain or discomfort in one or both arms

How to keep your Cardio healthy

Exercise daily

This is the best way to maintain a healthy heart. Some feel hard and difficult to wake up in the early morning to do physical exercises like swimming, cycling, walking and jogging.

It is ok to be not ok.

But, why don’t you have thought of doing something in the evening? In this busy world, every individual is busy doing something and committed to it.

You must plan and allocate your leisure time for physical activity. Please try to bring it to your daily routine.

Food Diet

Foods are your friend and enemy. It depends on what you consume and how you take it. Consuming junk foods is not good for your health.

Eating junk foods is not a fashion. You are spoiling your own health and heart. Replace your junk foods with healthier foods.

Eat more vegetables and greens. Be conscious of your heart’s health.

The Bottom Line

Taking care of your heart must be your first priority. You are recommended to take cardiology examinations periodically. It is strongly recommended to take a test at least yearly once. G. Kuppuswamy Naidu Memorial Hospital is featured with world-class facilities to take examine your heart health and get the best medications from the leading cardiologists.