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Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr.K. Vinod Balaji


Doctor Schedule
Mon - Fri12noon - 4pm
Work Experience
12 Years
  • Tamil, English

Professional Experience

12 years of experience working in various subspecialities within psychiatry in UK and in India( General adult, old age, child & Adolescent, addictions and forensic psychiatry) -visiting psychiatrist in UK

Clinical expertise:

– Mental health Disorders( Depression, anxiety, psychosis, OCD)
– Aggression and behavioural management
– persistent pain
– Sleep disorders
– Health anxiety
– Stress and anxiety management
– Anger management
– Alcohol deaddiction
– Smoking cessation
– Psychosexual problems
– behavioural disorders in children
– Gaming/ internet addiction
– Parental guidance
– Marital discord

Research and Publications

Presentations in National and International conferences. 

Professional Membership

  • Professional membership in Tamilnadu Medical council and General Medical Council(GMC), UK
  • Member in Royal college of psychiatry
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