Why GKNM Hospital


There are innumerable nursing homes, tertiary care hospitals and specialty hospitals in the city of Coimbatore. In the midst of so many choices why choose G. Kuppuswamy Naidu Memorial Hospital? GKNM Hospital was established in 1952 by the Kuppuswamy Naidu Charitable Trust to care for Women and Children. Since then this institution has grown to encompass the entire spectrum of specialties under one roof.

Starting as a hospital to care for mother and baby this institution has grown to encompass the entire spectrum of diseases and all specialities under one roof. What influences a patients choice of hospital. The factors are many easy to reach is a logistic reason but there is something more which is necessary. To the patient the important factors are the ability to diagnose and treat the condition. This may be with a gamut of tests or could be done with the basic minimum of tests to come to the correct conclusion.


The factors are many: easy to reach and accessibility is a logistic reason. However there is something more which is necessary.


The confidence that the Medical staff will only do what is best for the patient. At GKNM Hospital, procedures are not foisted on patients unless absolutely required


The patient and family are involved in all care related decisions. They are apprised of all details in clear and unambiguous terms and the Medical teams are available to discuss and dispel any fears or doubts.


Our charges are among the most affordable from dormitories to deluxe suites leaving it to patient’s choice.

Qualified Staff provide care

Care providers are credentialed and privileged to provide services. All Staff undergo a robust induction program and continued learning and training is very much a part of their activities.

The Hospital is recognised to conduct teaching programs leading to DNB qualification in eight specialities. Several of our students have cleared this post graduate exam with top honors.

Quality and Safety of care

GKNM Hospital was the first Hospital in Tamilnadu to be accredited by the 'National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers’.

Quality and Safety are the cornerstone of our services

Quality excellence and safety programs are implemented for both medical and nonmedical departments. Data is closely monitored and outcomes are shared with the Staff for continual improvement. A hospital which has checks and balances is always viewed upon with respect. Our audit programs are indeed models of assurance of Quality.

Cutting edge technology

G. Kuppuswmay Naidu Memorial Hospital, where patient centered and quality focused care is affordable and delivered with empathy.

GKNM Hospital is indeed the right choice! Walk in with confidence and leave with a smile, we are committed.

Welcome to GKNM Hospital!