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Division of Microbiology and Serology

Division of Microbiology and Serology Overview
  • Routine Bacteriology
  • Staining and Interpretation
  • Culture & Susceptibility test
  • Manual method- All clinical specimens- Culture , identification and antimicrobial susceptibility test
  • Automated Blood culture system BD FX 200
  • Automation – Identification and MIC – Vitek 2 – system
  • Automated Tuberculosis culture – MIGIT 320
  • Ist line susceptibility test MIGIT INSTRUMENT
Molecular tests available on the GeneXpert platform.
  • X Pert MTB / RIF
  • X Pert quantitative HIV 1 viral load
  • X Pert quantitative HCV viral load
  • HBV quantitative HCV viral load
  • C. difficle Toxin detection
  • Carba R test for detection of carbapenem resistant bacteria
  • SARS CoV 2 rapid Real time RTPCR in respiratory samples.
  • Fungal culture
  • Candida Identification – Vitek 2 and antifungal susceptibility test
  • Aspergillus Galactomannan test- Blood & BAL fluid
  • Cryptococcal antigen test
  • Viral screening in stool sample
  • Clostridium toxin detection
TB Diagnosis -New rapid point of care test
  • X Pert MTB/ RIF test is a DNA test- Real time PCR test for TB diagnosis
  • Quicker, accurate Method
  • Diagnosing TB with accuracy in < 3 hours.
  • Simultaneous detection of Tuberculosis and Rifampin resistance, endorsed by WHO
Advantages of Blood Culture Automated System
  • Use of resin containing media with higher rates of organism recovery.
  • Rapid detection of bacteria, fungi, Atypical Mycobacteria by superior florescence detection technology.
  • Early detection of positive culture allow for proper diagnosis & treatment of blood stream infection.
  • Routine serology- ASO, RA, CRP, VDRL, PCT
  • Blood Borne screening – Automation
  • Hepatitis marker
  • Dengue serology
  • Manual – All tube agglutination tests
  • ELISA – for various infectious (TORCH ) and non-infectious diseases ACA
  • Measurement of Faecal Elastase – ELISA – a non-invasive first line test to assess patients with chronic pancreatitis
  • Cystic fibrosis
  • Chronic inflammatory bowl disease
  • Exocrine pancreatic dysfunction
  • Extended serology -ANA, ANCA profile & Western blot

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