Intensive Care Unit

Intensive Care Unit


Our Intensive Care Units provide quality & timely treatment to patients with severe and life-threatening illnesses and injuries. Highly trained doctors and nurses specialised in critical care are staffed at the ICUs. We provide close monitoring and support with specialist equipments and medications in order to ensure quality medical care for the patients.


The Department of Critical Care Medicine holds the following units.

  • Critical Care Unit 1(7 Beds)
  • Critical Care Unit 2 (5 Beds)
  • Medical Intensive Care Unit (9 Beds)
  • Isolation (4 Rooms)
  • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (30 Beds)
  • Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (10 beds)
  • Cardiac Intensive Care Unit

The ICU bed holds multi parameter monitor which is capable of continuous monitoring of ECG, NIBP / IBP/SPO2, respiration and some monitors ETCO2. All 26 beds can hold ventilator patients and half the beds in each area can hold dialysis patients. So the case distribution in each ICU includes sepsis, polytrauma, traumatic brain injury, respiratory disorders, kidney disorders, liver disease, pancreatic disorder, burns, neurological and neurosurgical patients.

The isolation rooms are capable of holding ventilator patients and equiped with dialysis lines. All four rooms are negative pressure isolation rooms which can accomodate patient sufffering from infection which spreads through droplets. The intensive care unit also holds facilities for ECMO double lung ventilation ICP monitoring and cardiac output monitoring. The unit also holds the good organ transplant program.

The NICU is the largest of its kind with 30 beds (12 of which are intensive care beds) was started in 1973. The NICU is the state of the art facility to treat extreme preterm babies and is equipped with ventilators, warmers, phototherapy, incubators, infusion pumps and multiparameter monitors.

PICU which is 10 bedded is equipped with ventilators, multiparameter monitors, dialysis, infusion pumps and syringe pumps to handle sick children with life threatening infections, neurological emergencies, hemato-oncological emergencies, respiratory emergencies, trauma, postoperative care etc. PICU is equipped with facilities to provide procedural sedation for invasive procedures like lumbar puncture, intrathecal chemotherapy, bone marrow aspiration and biopsy, intercostal drainage, peritoneal dialysis catheter placement, central line and dialysis catheter placement etc. ECMO facility can be offered for patients with referral and support from pediatric cardiothoracic team. PICU is manned by paediatric intensivist and well trained PICU nurses and the team offers round the clock service.


The nursing team is the pillar and backbne of our ICUs

Nursing care for patient ratio is distributed as

  • 1:1 for ventilated and high risk patient
  • 2:1 for non- ventilated patients.

The nurses are competent in most procedures in ICU and can handle most of the eqipments inside the ICU.

Treatment & Procedures

The below procedures are performed but not limited to......

  1. Intubation
  2. Central Venous Cannulation
  3. Arterial Cannulation
  4. Lumbar Puncture
  5. Tracheostomy
  6. Percutaneous Tracheostomy
  7. Pleural Tapping
  8. Ascitic Tapping
  9. Pericardiocentesis
  10. Intercostal Drainage
  11. Suprapubic Cystostomy
  12. Percutaneous ECMO Cannulation
  13. Dialysis Cannulation
  14. Epidural Analgesia