Heart Failure Clinic

Heart Failure Clinic


Heart Failure is a major problem affecting the population of a country with the burden increasing day by day. The medical fraternity particularly in cardiology and cardiac surgery divisions have recognised heart failure as a separate entity where sub specialisation is required, for effective patient management of these very sick terminally ill patients. The concept of heart failure clinic is gaining popularity where there is a combined multi disciplinary team which addresses the issues concerning these patients.

One of the outcome of this clinic is effective medical management, rehabilitation and also suggesting them advanced therapies like cardiac resynchronisation therapy (called CRT), implantation of AICD – automatic implantable cardioverter defibrillators and also screening patients who may benefit from a cardiac transplant or a mechanical circulatory support which are the advanced forms of surgical treatment available today. In India transplantation has gained popularity over the last couple of years and with adequate donor availability unlike the west. Transplant gives a very good new lease of life to these terminally sick patients who will otherwise die within a year. The Heart Failure Clinic at GKNM Hospital was founded in June 2014, and has been doing its service since then. Recently the heart failure clinic has been expanded with more scope for effective treatment of its patients and the registry has been created. Dr Bivin Wilson heads the Heart Failure Clinic and is ably assisted by a team of cardiologists, physician assistants, dieticians, nutritionists, electro-physiologists and a cardiac surgical team.

Dr P Chandrasekar the chairman of cardiothoracic surgery and director of Heart Failure and Transplantation will be heading this program. GKNM Hospital in Coimbatore is the first institution to recognise this concept and establish this since 2014 and continue to be leaders in Cardiology and Cardiac surgery. The Heart Failure Clinic was rededicated on the 14th of September 2014 in a function at GKD Auditorium which was graced by Dr Richard Daly, the Chairman and Director of Heart failure Transplantation from Mayo Clinic, Dr Catherine Sudharsan Cardiac Transplant Surgeon from Papworth Hospital, England and Dr Jai Raman Transplant surgeon from Portland, Oregon. So the centre of the heart failure clinic will closely collaborate and work with these 3 institutions for the further development of this subspecialty.

Dr P Chandrasekar

Chairman Cardiothoracic Surgery & Director Cardiac Transplant Services

Dr. Bivin Wilson

Consultant Interventional Cardiologist