One of the surest ways to a healthy life is eating well

Dietary Department is certified with Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). Food is necessary to meet an individual’s nutritional requirement with right quantity for different age groups, religion, culture and social background as well as for different medical conditions. Smart nutrition choices are a necessary part of our life. Our nutritional care services extend to different age groups.

We are a large team of dedicated, qualified dietitians working for the welfare of the patients. We have a well equipped modernized dietary kitchen to provide therapeutic, nutritious food & beverage services to ensure that the patients receive appropriate nutritional support at all times. Our aim is to establish and encourage good nutritional practices and standards as an essential part of the health.



  • Facilitate patients to understand the need for a holistic and therapeutic based diet to provide the maximum nourishment during their hospitalization.
  • Deliver nutrition care to minimize food related discomfort and maximize food enjoyment.
  • Closely monitor the patients with metabolic disorders, failure to thrive, inborn errors of metabolism and cystic fibrosis with specialized nutrition plan to provide special care and regular followup for better outcome and their speedy recovery.
  • Provide special attention in the diet of elderly people to provide adequate nutrition, to improve their nutritional deficiencies and problems to eat right and stay fit.
  • Play an integral role with a great challenge for the patients at Intensive Care Units.
  • Provide enteral nutrition care with an Exclusive Laminar Airflow Room under utmost hygienic conditions.
  • Assist the patients and their care takers at Raksha – Hospice (end of life care) the best possible diet to keep them nourished and comfortable.


Render the patients and their family members an individualized nutrition education / counseling in an effective way of all age groups to improve their health and to bring about a healthy life style change. The following schedule is followed stringently by the Dietitians to provide the best of the services to all the patients & their caretakers every day between 10.00 hours to 17.00 hours.

Out Patient Departments

  • Master Health Checkup & Multi Out Patient Units
  • Maternity & Gynaecology
  • Peadiatrics
  • Endocrinology
  • Cardiology group counseling ( Every Thursdays)
  • Peadiatric group counselling (Monthly Once)


Associated with the following clubs of the hospital to provide fooducation as per the needs and priority of the patients & family members


Cervix Cancer Support Club

Every first Tuesday of the month

Paediatric Cancer Support

Every second Wednesday, once in two months

Breast Cancer
Support Club

Every last Thursday of the month

Lymphedema Support Club

Once in three months



Child Care Support Club

Monthly once

Renal Disease Support Club

Every third Wednesday of the month