A Global Partner in promoting care for Children with Congenital Heart disease along with Children Heart Link, MN, USA

A Global Partner in promoting care for Children with Congenital Heart disease along with Children Heart Link, MN, USA

Dr Dearani  M.D , Chair and division of Cardiac surgery , Mayo Clinic, MN, USA and his team comprising of Anaesthetist (Dr Nimmergut,M.D ,  Mayo Clinic, MN, USA ), intensivist (Dr Grace Arteaga M.D, Mayo Clinic , MN, USA ) , Perfusionist (Ms. Caitlin, Mayo clinic, MN, USA ), ICU nurses (Ms. Jessica and Ms. Jody, Mayo clinic, MN, USA ), Respiratory therapist ( Ms.Daniel and Ms. Lauren, Mayo clinic, MN, USA), Cardiologist (Dr Shanthi , University of Minneapolis) visited our hospital as a medical volunteer team from Children Heart link (CHL) between February 12 till Feb 15, 2018   .

The Non-medical team of Children’s Heart Link was Ms. Adriana (International Manager, Children heart link) and Mrs. Veeralakshmi Rajasekar (country consultant, Children heart link)

Children’s Heart Link is a non profitable non government Organization (NGO), based at Minneapolis, MN, USA. Children heart link will promote to develop pediatric /Congenital heart program in developing countries. They are currently working with close to 22 countries in the developing region to help the children with Congenital Heart disease. So far there are only four Centre in our country who are partners with Children Heart link (Amrita – Kochi, NH Bangalore, RT Hospital, Calcutta and PGI Chandigarh). There is no centre in Tamilnadu as a partner with children’s heart link excepting for GKNMH. GKNMH is the first only center in Tamilnadu to partner with Children’s Heart Link .

Children’s Heart Link will assist in the advancement of the pediatric cardiac program at GKNM hospital. Children’s Heart Link has a phased capacity building model of assistance leading to our partners becoming Children’s Heart Link Centers of Excellence and our partnership with GKNM would start in Phase 1. Phase 1 support is resource and training intensive, and through in-depth clinical and organizational assessments seeks to establish a baseline that will be used throughout the duration of the partnership to evaluate the impact of our collaboration. Phase 1 involves both full team and small team training visits, targeted training and other interventions aimed at supporting the center in its development. Once completed (2-3 years), in Phase 2, Children’s Heart Link would support more targeted trainings, while in Phase 3 GKNM would receive support to develop its training capacity, which is critical for a center of excellence in pediatric cardiac care.

During this visit, Nitric Oxide Unit was donated to our hospital by the Rotary club Coimbatore Central on Feb 12th, 2018.  Dr. Dearani along with our CEO, President Rotary Club Coimbatore Central, Dr. Ramachandran (Nephrologist, GKNMH), Dr. Chandrasekar and Dr. Soundarvalli received the Nitric Oxide Unit for the Cardiac Surgery Department.

Nitric Oxide is a colourless gas in a standard condition and it was discovered in 1992 and the discoverer received Nobel prize in the year 1998. Nitric oxide essentially dilates blood vessels in the lungs, thereby it reduces lung pressure (Pulmonary artery pressure).

Nitric oxide helps for smooth recovery of children with severe Pulmonary Artery Pressure after cardiac surgery.

This was another milestone event for department of cardiac surgery, GKNMH. Nitric oxide unit is available for the management of children with high pulmonary artery pressure only in GKNM hospital in the city of Coimbatore.

We had reunion of about 40 children who had cardiac surgery done under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Dr Dearani M.D, had conducted a Master class and live workshop on Cone Repair operation for Ebstein Anomaly and two live case demonstration. About 25 pediatric cardiac surgeons from different part of India had attended the live workshop. They observed Dr Dearani operate and interacted with him about Ebstein anomaly. Dr. Dearani performed nine cases including workshops during his visit (Feb 12 to Feb 15, 2018) with excellent outcomes.

On conclusion of the visit Dr. Ragupathy Velusamy, CEO signed an MOU with Children’s Heart Link, MN, USA.